Load capacity
4 t
Lifting height
18 m
360° rotator
All-wheel drive

Thanks to its telescopic arm, the telescopic handler MANITOU MRT 1840 ROTO can handle the load both vertically and forwards. Large off-road wheels help to overcome unevenness, and the truck can reach even hardly accessible places. It is most often used in construction and agriculture. The rotating telehandler differs from the normal telescopic manipulator by the possibility of rotating the cab and the telescopic arm by 360°. It thus acquires not only the properties of a crane, but also greater variability of reach.

Equipment inspection

Advantages of renting handling equipment

  • You wil cover unexpected seasonal peaks
  • You will solve your forklift outage
  • You will reduce capital expenditures and increase tax deductible costs
  • You drive, we care

Find out

  1. What conditions the truck will be operating in.
  2. Weight and dimensions of the load.
  3. How high will the load be lifted.
  4. Height of the doors which the truck will be driving through.
  5. Do you have an experienced truck operator?


Tento manipulátor vyníka především rotační platformou kabiny s teleskopickým ramenem o 360°. Díky tomu disponuje proti klasickým teleskopickým manipulátorům vlastnostmi jeřábu.

Can you arrange transportation?

Yes, we provide our own container transport or work with third-party carriers.

All about transport
We do not have a loading ramp, do we have a crane to unload and load the truck?

We always find out the conditions for unloading and loading the machine at the client's place. If you do not have a ramp, it is not a problem - we will put the machine directly on the ground thanks to transport by container or semi-trailer with an access ramp.

All about transport
Can you deliver a machine with non-staining wheels?

Yes, counterbalanced forklifts and warehouse equipment have non-marking wheels.

Do you also offer qualified service?

Yes, we offer qualified and very experienced operators for all offered machines.

Meet our drivers
Are you able to offer a wheelchair today?

Yes, we ship within 30 minutes.

Do you offer long-term rental?

Yes, we offer long-term rental in the form 'We care, you pay'. In practice, you only use the machine and we take care of its service and maintenance.

Advantages of long-term rent
What is part of the machine?

Charger, LPG bottles, full tank of diesel fuel, user manual.

Can you provide us with a spare machine if the truck breaks down?

We usually provide a replacement machine within 24 hours.

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