Rough terrain forklifts

  • Equipment suitable for all conditions in any weather
  • Use on construction sites, in agriculture or the film industry
  • We rent a machine for a day or a year
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How does it work?

How does it work?
  • We will visit you and find suitable machines
  • Transport with unloading on the ground
  • We will train you or provide qualified staff
  • Service and replacement machine within 24 hours

Types of rough terrain forklifts

Telescopic handlers
Telescopic handlers

Versatile solution for material handling in construction, agriculture and other industries.

Rotary telehandlers
Rotary telehandlers

Rotating telescopic handlers are suitable for every construction site. It is compact and multifunctional machine, compatible with big amount of attachments. Telescopic handler is able to comply to wide scale applications in construction industry and in other fields.

Rough terrain forklifts
Rough terrain forklifts

Forklift trucks with high all-terrain travel capability, 4x4 drive.

Attachments for rough terrain forklifts

Fork shoes

Fork extensions enable safe and easier handling of large loads.


Shovel allows scooping, loading and dumping of bulk materials.

Crane jib

Crane hook slides directly onto the forks, making it easier to handle heavy loads.

Work basket

Work basket is attached directly to the forks, it is suitable for working at heights.