Forklift truck rental with operator

Nicola Sucharová
+420 777 333 131

Do not put an inexperienced driver behind the wheel

It's not a good idea to have an inexperienced driver handle the load. Turning the steering wheel and pedaling is definitely not enough here. Our clients often move expensive technologies and every hesitation is can be paid dearly.

Leave the forklift operating to us

It is easy to rent material handling equipment. You call VZVRENT, agree on the machine that we will bring to you, and then what? Then usually comes a question: Guys, can anyone drive it? And when a volunteer is found, usually follows the second question: How does it start?

We will solve both problems for you. If you have an experienced forklift driver, our technical support will guide you by phone how to start and move off the machine. Each machine is unique and each manufacturer applies different safety guards against unintentional machine movement.

5 things that the operator must have

  • Know and follow the load diagram of the machine
  • Know the turning radius of the machine
  • Smooth and precise control of forklift with load in stressful situations
  • Valid forklift driver license
  • Good insurance in case something goes wrong

Our experienced forklift drivers



Very experienced forklift driver. He often operates heavy duty and rough terrain forklifts. He participated in technological installations or constructions of cultural and sporting events. Working area - Prague and surroundings.



Since 2006 has been driving for our rental shop all types of machines, from a 3-wheeled truck to a rotary telehandler. For example, he took part in moving rare cultural works, a flight simulator, prepared stadiums for the Champions League, filmed with filmmakers, and moved F1 monoposts. Working area - throughout the Czech Republic.



He has experience in handling heavy equipment. He is also an excellent mechanic.Working area - throughout the Czech Republic.