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Rental of material handling equipment VZV RENT.cz offers more than 250 machines for rent.

We excel at offering special machines that you will not find at our competitors.

You can rent equipment at our branches in Prague and Červená Voda.

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Rental history

2009 establishment of VZV Rental

The history of VZVRENT has been written since 2009 with the opening of a small Prague branch in Dolní Měcholupy under the original name Půjčovna VZV. The fleet consists of 25 forklifts.

2013 We open a new headquarters in Horní Počernice

After some successful years, in 2013 there was a move to new modern premises, namely to P3 Park Horní Počernice.

2020 VZV Rental becomes VZV RENT

In 2020, there was a rebranding from Půjčovna VZV to VZVRENT.cz. The fleet already consists of 250 machines.

VZV GROUP group of companies

Material handling equipment rental VZV RENT is a member of the VZV GROUP group of companies, which was established in Červená Voda on the border of Bohemia and Moravia. It has been more than 20 years since a stubborn family began repairing and selling material handling equipment. Despite the difficult beginnings, we gradually managed to build a production plant on 4 hectares with 150 employees. We supply material handling equipment to end customers and wholesale partners around the world. We offer other services such as rental, service and purchase of material handling equipment.

Sales of used and refurbished material handling equipment to end customers
Sales of used and refurbished material handling equipment to dealers
Material handling equipment rental
Purchase of used material handling equipment
Career website with an offer of vacancies of the VZV GROUP