Rental of material handling equipment

What we do


Moving very heavy loads and technological units using special equipment even in areas where a crane cannot operate.


Year-round rental of off-road material handling equipment to provide logistics on unpaved surfaces in all conditions.


Permanent rental of warehouse handling equipment in logistics and eshop warehouses or a cover seasonal peaks.


We rent machines including experienced operators to build festivals, sport events, fairs, exhibitions and art installations.

We have forklifts for every situation

Articulated boom platform
Long reach, easy control of the articulated arm, will also make hidden places accessible.
Scissor platforms
For high-altitude assembly work.
Electric forklift trucks with small turning radius, which are ideal for warehouses.
Forklift trucks up to 2,5 tons
Compact forklifts with a wide range of applications.
Forklift trucks up to 8 tons
Forklift trucks with load capacity from 2,5 to 8 t.
High-tonnage forklift trucks
Forklifts with load capacity from 8 to 22 t. They are very often used for moving production technological units.
Side loaders
For the transport of long loads in metallurgy and lumbering.
Rough terrain forklifts
Forklifts for unpaved terrain with high all-terrain ability and 4-wheel drive. Ideal for work on construction sites.
Telescopic platforms
Powerful versatile machines with forks, bucket, crane hook and work basket. Ideal for construction sites and agriculture.
Reach trucks
For pallet handling in narrow aisles.
In warehouses or for moving in small indoor spaces.

Why with us

Qualified operators

Pronájem techniky s profesionální obsluhou. Zaškolení klientovy obsluhy manipulační techniky.
Our drivers


Transport throughout the Czech Republic without the need for ramps and cranes for unloading. We use container vehicles or semi-trailers with ramps. Reliability and quickness.
How we transport machines

Service of material handling equipment

Service by professional technicians. Field service technician arrives at the place of rental. Provision of a spare machine within 24 hours.
All about service

250 forklifts in stock

We have machines for every situation. We offer for rent forklifts, aerial platforms, telescopic handlers, warehouse equipment and special material handling equipment.
Select a forklift

Special equipment

We have special material handling equipment for you, which you will not find anywhere else, such as telescopic handling with rotating arm, extremely low 3-wheeled forklift truck without an overhead guard and more.
All about special equipment

Advantages of renting handling equipment

  • You wil cover unexpected seasonal peaks
  • You will solve your forklift outage
  • You will reduce capital expenditures and increase tax deductible costs
  • You drive, we care

Find out

  1. What conditions the truck will be operating in.
  2. Weight and dimensions of the load.
  3. How high will the load be lifted.
  4. Height of the doors which the truck will be driving through.
  5. Do you have an experienced truck operator?

We will come to you and arrange everything for the rental of material handling equipment. We will find out the technical parameters, propose you the optimal solution and prepare a price offer for you.

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