Special equipment

Real universal machine with a long arm

  • 360° swivel arm
  • Lifting height: 18 m
  • Load capacity: 4 t
  • All-wheel drive, good for heavy terrain

Changeable attachments

  • forks
  • buckets for bulk materials
  • crane hook
  • work basket

Heavy duty forklift SMV 22

Before you get in it, you'll need to climb a few steps. You will then look at the world from the big height and thanks to that you will have a good view of the load on the forks. But lifting just a few pallets with it you will only offend it. Give it a good load, give him up to 22 tons, he likes it.

  • Load capacity: 22 t
  • Lift height: 4 m
  • Overall height: 3.8 m

Heavy duty electric forklifts

The 7 t CARER electric forklift allows you to work with very heavy loads indoors. The forklift has white non-marking tyres. We also offer another truck with 6 t capacity.

Container type forklift

This special thickset forklift was designed for loading and unloading sea containers.


Lightweight and agile electric forklift. Thanks to its height of 1.6 m, it often works where the ceilings are low. The rotating rear wheel allows it to turn on the spot. It has non-marking tyres that do not leave marks on the floor.

  • load capacity: 1.6 t
  • lifting height: 1.8 t
  • overall height: 1.6 m
  • drive: electric

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