24. September 2020

Moving the statue of David Černý's Quo Vadis to Berlin

On the last Monday in August, we performed a very interesting rent deal of a forklift truck with operator. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Unification of Germany, we participated in the relocation of the Quo Vadis statue by David Černý from the German Embassy in Prague to a square in Berlin.

400 km with the statue and a forklift

The move was accompanied by several logistics operations. First, we had to deal with loading the statue on a smaller truck with a platform, which was an excellent choice for the narrow streets of Prague. We transported the statue of the walking Trabi to the headquarters of the VZV RENT material handling equipment rental in Horní Počernice, Prague, where we transferred it on a lowboy trailer, along with another forklift, and set off for Berlin, 400 km away, where we unloaded and installed the statue.

The statue was moved by two forklifts simultaneously

In total, we used 2 LINDE forklifts, with the operators: one electric forklift truck in Prague for loading at the German Embassy and another LINDE LPG forklift for unloading in Berlin.

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