15. June 2021

Fleet VZV RENT - Sideloaders

Sideloaders are next kind of material handling equipment, which you will find in our VZV RENT fleet. We use them for transport and handling of heavy lond loads, prisms, bars in woodworking, metallurgical and mechanical engineering industries. These machines are equipped with narrow cabine and liftting tower (mast), which is located on one of the sides where there is also a large loading area. The entire loading area can be tilted to the sides by using a lever. In our fleet you find diesel sideloaders with load capacity up to 6 tones and lift height 4 meters.

  • We have 250 machines for rent in our fleet
  • We have over 22 540 finished rentals
  • You can rent machines in our branch office in Prague and Červená Voda

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